July 21, 2006
Bishop Ignatius Horstmann

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I am sending this Bishop (former Bishop of Cleveland 100 years ago–Ignatius Horstmann) back to you, as you were instrumental in his release from Purgatory. He will have much to say to you about the nature of Purgatory itself. Before those who read or hear this message bombard you with questions about deceased relatives and friends, let Me say that it is Heaven who chooses what poor souls visit you, and what knowledge you are given.”

The Bishop comes. He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Jesus has allowed me to return to you to help the general public understand more about Purgatory itself. Purgatory is a cleansing grace. It is like the Flame of our Mother's Heart–Holy Love. Though it is painful, it cleanses the soul of all that is holding it back from a purer love. These are all venial sins. Or perhaps as in some cases, the soul has led a seriously sinful life, but at the last moment repents, and turning to God's mercy, is saved. Still, all that he has done needs to be atoned for. So then, Purgatory appeases the Heart of Divine Love for all the wounds afflicted upon it in this world.”

“Even the one who sincerely attempts to lead a righteous life may have attitudes that he needs to atone for. Perhaps he is judgmental or unforgiving. He may adopt a negative attitude which does not account for God's grace. He may have deep-seated anger, which lays blame on others for his own faults. What I am saying is that no soul should consider himself exempt from working to overcome his own shortcomings. If you do not work on them here, you will have to work on them in Purgatory. Everyone should look into their own hearts then, and ask for the grace to see their faults as God sees them. This is humility.”

“God alone should make excuses for your faults. Learn to recognize Satan's lies, and do not fall victim to them. You will be given the grace you need to improve–always.”