July 25, 2006
Bishop Ignatius Horstmann

The Bishop* comes. He says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Here is the way to avoid a long stay in Purgatory. Always please God and neighbor ahead of self. The soul that becomes self-absorbed–that is, always considering cost to self in every situation–risks having to spend much more time being purified by the flames of love in Purgatory because of his selfish attitudes.”

“Therefore, do not be selfish about the use of your time, money or any spiritual gifts God has given you. Be willing to part with any material goods that are not a necessity. Guide those in Holy Love that God has given you charge over. In humility show gratitude when others do you a favor or compliment you.”

“These things I am telling you today are the fulfillment of the Holy Love Message through Truth and Holy Humility. Remember that anger and impatience, jealousy and avarice, are always signs that you are focusing too much on self. These things should be a signal to you to refocus on God and others.”

“Pray to the poor souls to help you with this.”

*Bishop Ignatius Horstmann – former Bishop of Cleveland, Ohio Diocese.