July 27, 2006
Jesus Christ

I (Maureen) was asking Jesus how we could get the idea of war out of hearts. He said: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“People today are no different than in My day. The ones who are motivated only by self-gain cause the problems–war, famine, social discrimination and so on–for everyone else. Pray and make sacrifices that people realize this. When you are a true martyr of love, no errand of My Heart is too great for you. Everything you give in this martyrdom is given with childlike simplicity, and I am able to change events, offer graces–even challenge ideals that I could not have done without your help.”

“You see, when you give out of pure love, only seeking to please Me, the veil of justice that is ready to tear is held in place by the angels. My Justice is withheld and My Mercy continues to pour upon earth, offering contrition to every sinner and a way out of Satan's traps.”

“Is it not worth it, then, to pray and sacrifice for even more love to fill your own heart and, so too, the heart of the world? I appeal always to those who have chosen to love Me so that I can continue to approach every sinner.”

“Make it known.”