August 4, 2006
Feast of St. John Vianney
St. John Vianney, Cure d'Ars and Patron of Priests

St. John Vianney says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today on my feast day, I have come to remind all priests that their vocation is the salvation of the souls under their charge. Towards this end, they need to place the distribution of the sacraments as their first priority, making Mass, the Eucharist and Confession generously available. They must be just stewards of any and all funds that come their way–not neglecting the poor in their needs, nor treating the affluent with greater respect than the simplest and lowliest under their charge.”

“Any activity which could lead to debauchery must be discouraged. In the same way, sin must be exposed for what it is. Bishops cannot be placated because of rank, but must be open to suggestions–even constructive criticism.”

“Seek always the reconciliation between God and His people.”

“As priests, do not neglect your own prayer lives. You cannot lead if you do not move forward yourself first.”

“Above all, avoid sin of any kind so that your relationship with God is the best and strongest it can be.”

“If you listen and act on the words I have given you today, your Confession lines will be long, your Masses overcrowded, and many vocations will blossom in your midst.”

“Make it known.”