August 5, 2006
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here dressed in bright white with gold trim. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “I have been watching you with your puppy.* I cannot help but compare your experience with My own. I go through similar problems, joys and expectations with souls. The puppy–one minute is loving, adorable, melting your heart–the next minute she is in danger without knowing it, and you reach out to rescue her. She is inquisitive and mischievous without caution. She is easily pulled away from bonding with you by chasing a butterfly.”

“See that souls who come close to Me are much the same. Satan tempts them in ways they do not recognize. They flit from one temptation to another, placing themselves in spiritual danger. Often, when I reach out to rescue them, they ignore Me. Like the puppy who is difficult to catch sometimes, some souls hold themselves out of My reach.”

“Now I invite you to understand that whole nations are like the puppy, depending on their elected leaders. This is because nations take on the personality of their leaders. If the leaders have Holy Love in their hearts, then the nation is led closer to Me in their policies and legislation. But today, too many nations are on the brink of disaster–ignoring My warnings that come from those close to Me; they will not allow Me to rescue them. There is much subterfuge and many hidden agendas, as individuals (therefore, whole nations) try to become world powers, not through good, but through evil.”

“I cannot redirect nations if their leaders will not listen. However, the souls within each nation have the right to listen to Me. I will speak then, to individual souls. Do not be hungry for power, money or control. Do not worry about your reputation amongst people. In simplicity only try to appeal to Me. The way to appeal to Me is through Holy Love. Pray, sacrifice and do penance. I will never abandon you. My Love is constant. If you stray, I will always welcome you back. Influence others to live the same way that I encourage you to live. My Victory will come first in hearts, and then in the whole world.”

“While some world leaders try to force change towards evil through sweeping policies by merit of their power, I invite individual souls to come into My Heart by choosing Holy Love. It is the choices of individuals that chart the course of the future–the timing and nature of My Justice. Therefore, do not take your individual choices lightly. Your choices also determine your own eternity.”

“Your new puppy's whole world is centered on her relationship with you, her owners. So it is meant to be with My little lambs in the world. Every grace in this life, including life itself, is dependent upon God's Provision flowing through His Divine Will. My lambs that lose their way have lost sight of this and believe more in their own efforts than in the Hand of Providence. I invite you to see, this is like a puppy that bites the hand that feeds her. Few puppies are so foolish, but many humans are.”

“Turn your hearts over to loving gratitude, mankind. Then all that has been given you will be added, too. I, Myself, will be your protector against the wiles of Satan.”

“At last, I remind you of the incident two days ago when Katie, the puppy, was running with a sharp object in her mouth. No matter what you did, you could not get her attention or grab her. Finally, you poured a container of water on her. She stopped and you were able to save her from disaster. Well, today I am pouring ‘buckets' of grace into the world, hoping to get the attention of humanity and to save the world from disaster. These Messages and this Mission are a great portion of that ‘bucket' of grace. Through the graces offered here, I hope to snatch humanity from the grip of Satan's clutches.”

“Today I tell you solemnly, that Satan has a stranglehold upon the throat of humanity in the form of inordinate self-love. Because of this disordered self-love, every type of disaster, famine, financial problems fall upon earth, for Satan in all his lies, seeks the destruction of the planet, as well as all those who inhabit it. Therefore, become part of My little Remnant through Holy Love, and live only for My Victory within hearts.”

“We're blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”

* Katie – Maureen's 11-week- old Golden Retriever puppy.