August 18, 2006
Friday Rosary Service
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. They nod, and smiling, greet the priests here; then they point to Their Hearts. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, you must realize that every present moment has its own value. The value it claims is the amount of Holy Love that the soul spends in that particular present moment. There is no half-measure–the soul is either living the moment in Holy Love or he is not.”

“The present moments that are wasted cause My Arm of Justice to weigh heavy. It is only My Mother's prayers and your prayers, as well, that are holding it back–keeping it from falling. Tonight, I tell you, you must not give up praying. Pray often and from the heart so that we can win this battle–good against evil.”

“We're blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”