October 20, 2006
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I just ask your simple ‘yes' in all things that come your way. Say ‘yes' to the routine–to the unexpected–even the unwanted turn of events that the Will of My Father permits. To do this is the ultimate sacrifice, for in your ‘yes' is the surrender of your free will.”

“If souls could only understand the full weight of a simple ‘yes.' In it is the surrender I need to use you as My willing instrument. In this ‘yes' is the letting go of self-love for the better choice of Holy Love.”

“It is easy for a childlike heart to say ‘yes,' for such a heart is eager to please Me–eager to do My bidding. The more the heart becomes entangled in the cares and concerns of the world, the less simple it is–therefore, the less childlike. This is why simplicity is the handrail on the Stairway of Virtues. Simplicity supports the soul in his ‘yes' in the present moment.”