October 22, 2006
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“To desire to be hidden is a grace, unless it is rooted in self-love. If the hiddenness stems from the desire to come closer to Me–not to be ear-marked as one specially chosen or uniquely gifted–then it is a grace to be nurtured or sought after. But if the desire to be hidden arises from a fear of being judged by others, then it is a fault.”

“True hiddenness shirks the limelight, does not seek affirmation or approvals, but desires, at the very least, to blend in with everyone else. The hidden life needs to be intact in the heart in order for the soul to advance spiritually. Do not equate hiddenness with the austerity of a monastery. The hidden life I call you to is between Myself and the soul. It is our special relationship. If it is in place as it should be, hardships are made lighter, pride is uncovered and virtue is made to flourish.”

“Everyone is called to a hidden life so that there is a part of their heart that is familiar only to Me–a part that I nurture and gently lead deep into My Own Heart. It is a part of the heart that decries the false values of the world, denounces false virtue and pursues Holy Humility and Holy Love.”