March 24, 1998
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in light pink and a smoky lavender color, like the first time I saw Her. She says: “Praise be Jesus. I am here as I was with you originally, but today I am prepared to explain the message behind the vision.”

“I appeared to you first with the rosary of states. It was an appeal to pray for your country. Years later, the rosary of states broke, when I returned to you in the same vision. The states slipped off and landed in a smoldering pile at My feet. This represented God's Justice.”

“Now I am prepared to explain this further. I have come to you, asking your country to amend its ways. My repeated warnings have gone unheeded.”

“My children choose whatever appeals to their senses and ignore any consequence. The natural order of birth, life, and death has been interrupted and altered. It is thus, that your country and the world will suffer – by an upheaval in nature.”

“My call to the world, through you, My daughter, is genuine and sincere. Many graces have proven this. Now I invite all who have responded to Me to continue to pray for unbelievers. It is not too late to save and convert many.”

“Hasten to make this known.”