January 10, 2007
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My messenger, I have told you in the past that your trust in Me is a barometer of the depth of your love for Me. This is how Satan attacks trust. He convinces the soul that everything depends on human effort. The soul no longer sees that I am present and concerned for every detail in their life. He no longer lives in trustful surrender to the Divine Will.”

“Remember, the Divine Will is comprised of Divine Love and Divine Mercy. So the soul that has difficulty in trust, also has difficulty in accepting that God loves him and forgives him. Then it follows that he is not practicing love and forgiveness towards others.”

“This is the spiritual destruction that Satan pursues in every soul. When the enemy can successfully separate the soul from a trustful relationship with Me, he is free to attack the soul through the many weaknesses he may fall prey to.”

“Therefore, beware of any weakness in trust or any camouflage Satan uses that sets you about trusting too much in your own efforts.”