January 18, 2007
God The Father

As I (Maureen) was praying in my prayer room, a large Flame appeared. Then I heard a voice that said:

“All praise be the Blessed Trinity. I am God the Father.”

“You see My Heart before you as a massive Flame. It is the Flame of My Eternal, Divine Will which burns before you. It is this Flame that is the embodiment of Perfect Love and My Divine Will. My Heart is a Flame which engulfs the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary–of Holy and Divine Love–melting Them into Divine Union with My Will, never to be separated.”

“So you see, I present to you a new Image–the complete Image of Love–the Union of Holy and Divine Love completely immersed in the Flame of My Fatherly Heart, which is the Divine Will. Remembering that My Will is made up of Divine Love and Divine Mercy, you must see My Heart as the Will of Mercy and Love. It is the perfection I invite all people and all nations to step into, beginning with the Heart of Mary. It is Eternally My Will in you.”