March 5, 2007
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

First I saw a pulsating light that was like a beating heart; then, Jesus and Blessed Mother stepped out of it. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “I welcome each of you here. It is by My invitation you have come.”

“Today I come to you as Savior, hoping to open the eyes of the world to truth. In reality, understand, Satan has a grip upon the heart of the world. People use the present moment to satisfy self-gain and pleasure. Most have lost sight of the truth, that this world is passing. Time was created by a loving God to be used as a means of earning salvation. Each present moment is given with love to be spent building up the Kingdom of the Divine Will by living in Holy Love. Satan has successfully convoluted this truth with his lies and turned humanity off course, encouraging souls to live only for this world which belongs to him.”

“Each soul who is motivated by Satan's lies not only condemns himself, but widens the abyss between Heaven and earth. This is what will pull down My Hand of Justice.”

“Let Me describe to you what life would be like if everyone were living in the New Jerusalem–the Divine Will, which is Holy Love. First, there would be worldwide peace, for peace would be in all hearts. There would be no more inequality. All people would be respected by one another; therefore, hunger for food, as well as hunger for the truth would be satisfied. Disease would cease. There would be no need for it as people would no longer offend God. All opinions, all thought, word and deed would be based on Holy Love. No one would believe in Satan's lies any longer. Hatred would only be hatred for sin.”

“In such an atmosphere people would live only to please Me and each other. Is this not a sufficient reward for righteousness?”

“Today I am saddened by the choices mankind makes with his free will–decisions to destroy rather than build up–to hate rather than to love. Satan desires your total destruction, and along with it the destruction of the planet itself. Remember, I do not call you to fear but to trust. Therefore, understand, dear brothers and sisters, it is evil that plants fear in your hearts and destroys your peace so that you are vulnerable to his suggestions against Holy Love. Fear is one of the tools Satan uses to influence the choices you make with your free will. The only fear that strengthens you and the welfare of the entire planet is fear of sin.”

“As apostles of Holy Love, you must proceed with Holy Boldness in propagating these Messages. If you hesitate out of fear of what others might think, you are placing love of human respect above love of God and neighbor. If these Messages were unnecessary, I would not come to you with them. My Mother would stay in Heaven adoring the Trinity; and the angels and saints would not be sent to you, either.”

“As it is, these times are desperate. The fate of many depends upon the propagation and acceptance of these Messages. Show mercy, then, on those you encounter by introducing them to Heaven's call to Holy and Divine Love; for this is the way that straightens the path between the human heart and the Divine.”

“I invite you to have every faith in My Father's Will for you. His Provision is complete in every present moment. His Will is unending and never fails; therefore, have hope for the future.”

“Today We're blessing you with Our Blessing of the United Hearts.”