February 25, 2007
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My Father has revealed to the world that the Light surrounding Our United Hearts is, in fact, the Holy Spirit Who inspires and enlightens souls to come into Holy and Divine Love, and to pursue only the Will of My Father. The Holy Spirit desires that when a soul enters Our Hearts, he be held captive, so to speak, always desiring a deeper Chamber, a greater understanding of this mystery and deeper union with the Divine Will.”

“While it is only necessary that souls conform with My Father's Will in order to reach Paradise, each one is being drawn into complete immersion in the Father's Will from his first step into Holy Love. So, understand in your spirit, that the Fourth Chamber is the last Chamber necessary for entrance into Heaven. But because My Father loves each soul He created so deeply, He offers even more. He offers the highest Heaven–immersion in His Divine Will.”

“Further, I caution, human reason and intelligence will not help you understand the mystery of this Revelation of Our United Hearts. You must pray for truthful discernment and wisdom, which can come to you only from the Holy Spirit. Each one is being called to have the heart of a little child–a child who trusts and wants only to love. Then all things will be added.”