December 25, 2006
Christmas Day
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“When you meditate today on the miracle of My birth in the manger, I invite you to contemplate the Benevolent Heart of My Eternal Father. For it is in one magnificent act of Divine Love and Divine Mercy combined, that the Eternal Word was made flesh for the salvation of all generations. Yet, I tell you, if there had been but one soul in the world in need of redemption, My Father in His Eternal Compassion, still would have brought Me into the world. His Will is perfect and is One with Mercy and Love.”

“Who can choose which is greater then–His Mercy or His Love. These two are inseparable and united, and comprise His Divine Will. So you see, in all things and in every event is His Divine Plan–His Divine Will, His Mercy and His Love.”

“Let today, this Christmas Day, be a celebration of My Father's Divine Will. Carry your thanksgiving to His Eternal Heart–the Heart which chooses to engulf Our United Hearts in Divine Mercy and Divine Love. Let us rejoice together in this truth.”