December 30, 2006
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“This is the heart of My Mission in and through you. It is to bring to fruition the Divine Will of My Father in the heart of humanity, thus turning every heart to personal holiness through Divine Love and Divine Mercy. The more the human heart surrenders to Divine Love and Divine Mercy, which is the sum total of My Father's Will, the more perfect the soul becomes in personal holiness.”

“It is the amount and degree of this perfection that determines the soul's eternal reward. Solemnly I tell you, no one is exempt from this call to be perfected in the Father's Will, not by position in the world or within the Church itself. Each one must pursue holiness by means of being God-centered and other-centered. Disordered self-love strikes at the heart of My Father's call to personal holiness.”

“Mercy and love cannot unite in the presence of an unforgiving heart. Realize further, guilt is a sign that through pride, the soul has not forgiven himself.”