December 31, 2006
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Tonight, My messenger, many will gather in revelry to celebrate the passage of time and the birth of a new year. The majority of these same ones completely miss the advent of each present moment or the gift of time they have wasted in the pursuit of worldly pleasures instead of the pursuit of their eternal salvation.”

“I can tell you that each piece of confetti that falls on Times Square tonight can justifiably represent a soul on his way to perdition. My Mother weeps copious tears for each one. These souls do not grasp the concept of eternity–most do not even wrestle with this concept.”

“So, as many, many celebrate the passage of time tonight, they do so without recognizing the lost opportunities towards their own salvation. They do so without seeking personal holiness in any present moment. As they rejoice by throwing confetti, I see lost graces being thrown to the wind.”

“I am depending on My Remnant Faithful to pray for such as these, and to uphold the truth in the face of Satan's lies. Unite in Our United Hearts and resolve to come closer to Me through prayer and sacrifice. In My Eyes, this is the only resolution of merit.”