April 30, 2007
God The Father

I see a large Flame, and God the Father says: “I am the Eternal Father–Father of All Creation. I Am Who Am.”

“Today I have come to tell you that all I have created has been profaned in some way–be it through evil or free will. Nothing has remained untarnished–not life in the womb, not the human body from birth until death, not any portion of nature, or even the universe itself. All has been compromised through mankind's choice to serve the god of self-love, no matter the cost.”

“Some of what I created that has been destroyed will not be replaced. But some life in nature, some disharmony between My Divine Will and man's free will can be restored. However, it is the error in hearts that must be corrected first. If hearts do not return to Me through the Commandments of Love, the damage done between man and God will be readily apparent soon.”

“Do not presume, mankind, that you can overcome by yourself, obstacles to living in love. Ask for My assistance. Desire My assistance. It is only in and through grace, harmony with My Divine Will can return.”

“Pray this way:”

“Dear Heavenly Father, You are the Eternal Now. You

created every present moment.”

“Help me to consecrate every present moment to Holy

and Divine Love, for I understand it is only through

Holy and Divine Love that mankind can be reconciled

with his Creator. Amen.”