May 21, 2007
Alanus (a Guardian Angel of Maureen)

“I (Alanus) have returned. Praise be to Jesus.”

“The Lord sends me, as He desires that you better understand Heaven. Remember, there is no time or space in Heaven. This is a difficult concept for you, I know. This can best be defined as this–there is no past, present or future in Heaven. All of these come together in the Eternal Now. All is embraced and part of the Divine Will of the Eternal Father Who is the Author of All Good.”

“The Heart of God the Father is Heaven itself. No one enters outside of His Adorable Divine Will, for in Heaven all is conformed to His Will. So you see, Heaven is the perfection of the Divine Will. The ways that the soul opposes the Eternal Will of God are faults, imperfections and sins that must be atoned for, and burned away before he can enter Paradise.”

“In Heaven there is no duplicity, no criticism, no gossip, no impurity. There is only Divine Love. Therefore, the soul should prepare for Heaven by trying to overcome all his faults while on earth.”

“Further, because there is no space, everything comes together in the Eternal Now. The soul is filled at all times to the brim with all the merits and happiness he earned while on pilgrimage in the world.”

“Next I will take you to the edge of Purgatory–a grace-filled arena of holy souls.”