August 10, 1997
Blessed Virgin Mary

2nd Sunday – to pray against abortion Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She has all 50 states in a pile at Her feet and they are smoldering (as in ashes).

She says: “Praise be Jesus. Pray with Me now, for those who are capable to reverse the horror of abortion.”

“Dear children, today I inform you, once again, that abortion is the evil which races your country towards destruction. Only if this evil is overturned in hearts and in the world can your nation be saved from certain death. Dear children, the tribulations have begun and proceed as labor pains of a woman with child, each one stronger and more telling than the one before. I come to you asking you to STOP the DEATH and DESTRUCTION and the loss of life and souls. I come asking you to pray and spread My messages on Holy Love. Dear children, you are the solution and the victory; therefore, pray, pray, pray. I am blessing you.”