July 3, 2007
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to further enlighten you on the virtues. The virtue of Prudence goes hand in hand with the gift of Wisdom. These two must be woven into the fabric of every virtue in order for them to be used according to God's Will. Attendant to Prudence and Wisdom is Temperance.”

“There is so much presumption in regards to inspiration and spiritual gifts–presumption as to the source of ideas and ‘inspiration.' Many, through spiritual pride, presume their own thoughts, as well as Satan's influence, is all from the Holy Spirit; then they act accordingly. Wisdom and Prudence must act together in discernment in order to disarm spiritual pride, which the enemy makes full use of.”

“Temperance lets the soul know when to call on certain gifts and virtues, and to what extent the inspiration is from Heaven. Wisdom allows the soul to see the exact nugget of truth in every inspiration. Prudence speaks to the heart, telling it how and when to act on inspiration.”

“When Wisdom, Prudence and Temperance are absent, the other virtues–no matter their depth–are easy prey for Satan's influence. It is easy for him to present false discernment and to misdirect even the best intentions.”