August 5, 2007
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here, all in white. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “Today, My brothers and sisters, I come to offer you the last vestiges of hope to a sin-laden world. The hope I offer is the Messages of Holy and Divine Love. Love is the only way you can be victorious over evil. Today disordered self-love is destroying the Father's creation, for He created everything to be a reflection of His Love. What He has created and given with love is now being blasphemed, convoluted and profaned. It is so in matters of faith, in matters of life in the womb, the preservation of innocence, preservation of the planet, moral standards in and before marriage–yes, even marriage itself has become a matter of debate, seeking definition in courts.”

“Today, My Mother is not celebrating [Her birthday].* She is not joyful; She is, yet today, the Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross, seeking to console Me–and I, Her.”

“But I come here once more seeking your help–each of you. These Messages must take you by the hand and lead you, for it is I Who call you into a deeper love relationship with Me. It is I who show you the path of holiness. You must be the one to put My Hand in the hands of others by propagating what I have told you through these Messages. In that way you will prosper in hope.”

“Today, I tell you that Holy and Divine Love are the antidote for all evil. Therefore, My Mother, in perfect humility, desires that you celebrate the Message instead of Her birthday. But I will celebrate Her birthday with you out of love.”

“You, who believe in the Messages, are separated, calumnized and slandered by unlikely instruments of evil, just as I was. You suffer every sort of insult on My behalf, despite the abundance of miracles, including the Messages themselves.”

“Do not fear. I, your Jesus, am your fortress and bastion of strength. I do not come to you to face defeat, but victory. In the most desperate situations, I am there, turning unlikely situations into victory. All I desire is your trust.”

“Today many people are nearsighted when they read these Messages. They see the words, but miss the depth of their meaning. Their hearts are shallow, for they have not surrendered to the call I place before them. They read the Messages–tongue in cheek–searching out what they deem ‘mistakes,' and miss the impact of each word in their own hearts. Truly, I tell you, each Message is the gift of a grace-filled moment, just as each one's visit to the site is an opportunity of grace. Those that come looking for proof of authenticity receive little; those that come in childlike simplicity receive the fullness of My grace.”

“Once again I tell you, that all that is evil in the world today is a consequence of the lack of Holy and Divine Love in hearts. I invite you to be united in the truth of these Messages. So that through you I may reconcile the world to God the Father; then His Will can be victorious.”

“To this generation I have revealed the innermost secrets of My Heart through these Messages. I am laying the foundation of the New Jerusalem in hearts. My Father's Kingdom to come is Holy and Divine Love–the Alpha and the Omega of His Divine Will. All that remains is for people to accept it.”

“My brothers and sisters, today as We bless you, I am going to imbue an indwelling love of God the Father in each heart, for He is much misunderstood, as is this Mission. This blessing will carry with it great graces towards conversion, and it can be passed from one person to another. You must understand that to love Me is to love My Father as well, Who is gentle and loving as I am.”

“I'm taking all the petitions that are in hearts today into My Own Heart to ponder and reflect upon. The Will of My Father will be done.”


* [Our Lady had stated at Medjugorje that Her birthday was August 5.]