August 13, 2007
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I call you to understand that there is in the heart of the world today a strong spirit, which provokes self-righteous error. It is the same as a pharisaical spirit. Such a spirit will not accept correction or conviction of conscience, for he is sure in his arrogance, that his thoughts, words and deeds are right. This spirit has taken over religions, governments and many leadership roles, including secret organizations.”

“The soul who follows and/or embraces such a spirit is very dangerous, for he is convinced he lives in the truth but has, in fact, embraced Satan's lies. Souls, such as these, believe themselves on the path of salvation, but follow the road to perdition.”

“This is why St. Michael's Shield of Truth is so important these days. The truth is always Holy Love, never destruction of neighbor physically, verbally or spiritually.”