October 24, 2007
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, all the simple things that bring you peace and joy are not man-made, but come from the Father's Heart, through My Sacred Heart, by means of My Mother's Heart to you. They are the colorful leaves, the first snowflake, the personality of your puppy, the joy of the approaching holidays.”

“But today I come to draw your heart close to Mine to help you, and all to understand the urgency of My call here. Satan has edged his way into every segment of society. He is influencing medicine, technology, entertainment, the news media, governments, literature and political issues. His influence is so insidious, the general population does not notice his grasp. Whole religions act upon his lies.”

“The malefactor has been able to craftily influence life and death decisions. He is pulling souls away from Me at an ever-increasing rate. This is why I have come seeking this consecration to Our United Hearts at this late hour. This consecration will convict hearts in the Truth and bring righteousness to the forefront.”

“Already some hearts have turned to Me, but not enough. Do not be discouraged. Some important hearts are deciding now to cooperate with Me.”