January 9, 2008
Jesus Christ

(Resubmitting with the addition of footnote.) *

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to tell you that I will celebrate the Feast of My Divine Mercy at this Site by appearing to you at midnight dawning on this Feast in the Field of the United Hearts.”

“As a special gift of My Mercy, I will release from Purgatory the relatives of those in attendance who have been imprisoned for the crimes of detraction, calumny and defaming the reputation of others. They repented and sought forgiveness before their death, but they never made reparation for their sins; nor did they receive in their lifetime any indulgence such as the one given on the Feast of My Mercy to those who fulfill the requirements.”

“There are many who have been detained years,even centuries,in reparation for these sins. But this day of My Perfect Mercy will effect their release.”

Footnote: *
According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) Sections l030-l032: the existence of Purgatory, as doctrine, is for the purpose of “purification” for those who die “imperfectly purified”, thus requiring further purification after death and before entrance into Heaven; (“where nothing unclean shall enter” – Rev. 21:27).

God, in His Divine Mercy, does forgive the sins of those who repent; but, He still requires “reparation or atonement” for sins forgiven, in the form of suffering [e.g. – God forgave David for his repenting of murdering Uriah, but He still required reparation in the form of suffering – in the death of his child that would ensue – 2 Sam. 12:13-14].

Souls who die with guilt of unrepented/ unconfessed venial sin or with reparation/ atonement still required for repented venial and/or mortal sin, and not obtained through indulgences gained while on earth, including those who receive last rites just before death, must be purified before entrance into Heaven. Jesus has said in previous messages that sins of the tongue (e.g. detraction, calumny and defamation of character or reputation) are like violence or murder against another’s spirit; and require many indulgences or long periods,years or centuries,of suffering in Purgatory in reparation, so as to be purified before entrance into Heaven.