January 21, 2008
Mary Protectress of the Faith – Feastday
Blessed Virgin Mary

22nd Anniversary of Mary, Protectress of the Faith

“I am Mary, Protectress of the Faith. Praise be to Jesus.”

“On this anniversary of My coming to you with Heaven’s request for this title, I invite you to contemplate with Me the consequences of mankind’s refusal to acknowledge this request and the position of culture today.”

“Had My title Protectress of the Faith been accepted and propagated, this Diocese and this country could have been a stronghold and model of the true Tradition of Faith. Instead, Heaven’s interjection into human chaos was rejected summarily, and you, yourself, My daughter, were ridiculed. When I stated that, ‘What lay hidden would be laid bare,’ those in power were insulted and used this statement as reason for opposing Heaven’s plans.”

“But today, dear children, I invite you to see what has indeed been laid bare,the scandals that have destroyed the faith of many, and placed the future of many churches in jeopardy. Has it not come to pass as I forewarned?”

“While the institution of the Church has been rocked by scandal and compromised by many who oppose the Magisterium, Jesus has supported this Ministry. Even though Satan’s lies seek total destruction of this Mission, we are here, and we are praying. Through these Messages, Heaven is able to protect the faith of the many who choose to believe. Yes, the Ministry grows stronger while institutions grow weaker. The small and humble are triumphant. The ones who take pride in power and position are losing their grip.”

“Dear children, cling to Me. Cling to My Immaculate Heart. I am your Refuge and Protectress. I will not forsake you. Choose My Victory over the evil that pervades hearts and the world.”

“Do not be deceived in placing human opinions above the faith I place in your hearts. Much error is labeled as discernment. God does not give discernment to everyone, but to a few. It is not given by merit of title, authority or academic achievement. Therefore, My children, I caution you as to why you accept certain opinions and do not acknowledge the direction your heart leads you.”

“Trust in Me as Jesus desires.”