January 25, 2008
Feast – Conversion of St. Paul
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, you must understand that this Mission has come into the world on the wings of truth. As such, these Messages proclaim the truth no matter the response with which it is received. History will prove this so.”

“Those who are insulted or wounded by the truth are the very ones who cannot look with honesty into their own hearts. Heaven does not speak to stroke egos, protect position or to support false values. As this is so, understand there will always be controversy around this Mission, for the very ones I call to conversion of heart are the ones who challenge the truth.”

“When a soul stands before Me, I see only their heart, and I look at the depth of Holy Love therein. Everything that they were in the world, all their accomplishments, their power and reputation, their wealth, their good deeds and sins are weighed on the scale of Holy Love. True Holy Love leads the soul into My Divine Mercy. My Mercy is so perfect and complete that I forgive even the most repulsive sin that is surrendered to Me with a repentant heart. Even if the sinner has led many astray or misused the office or title he was given in the world, I will forgive him if he seeks My Mercy.”

“These Messages are given to the world here at this Site so that the whole world will repent and seek only to live in Holy and Divine Love. It is a pure and innocent call,not to be challenged, but to be embraced.”