November 24, 1997
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in blue and white as soon as Maureen came to the chapel. She smiles and says: “Praise be Jesus. Satan has laid many obstacles in your path this morning.” (Maureen had lost her mittens.) “I am glad you have come.”

“Unite and surrender your heart to Me now. Give to Me all issues and decisions. I will assist you. The adversary likes to keep you in a state of turmoil and indecision.”

“I have come to help you understand that My coming to you is a firm anchor amidst the confusion of the world. This has been a century of misinformation, miscommunication, and indecision. These are all hallmarks of My adversary. This is how he sets good people against My plans here. When he succeeds in getting the good to oppose the good, he is able to confuse others even more.”

“In the end, My daughter, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. Clarity and righteousness will be brought to light in every issue, both in hearts and in the world. The Holy Love message is much a part of this. This is why it is opposed today. Hearts will be made one with their Creator through Holy Love.”

“Today many live with suppressed fear in their hearts. I have come to vanquish fear. Surrender to Holy Love, and do not be afraid. Begin to trust, so that My victory may begin in you. Tell this to My children. I have come to help them find their place before the Eternal Father. I am blessing you.”