November 24, 1998
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “My angel, I come in praise of Jesus. I invite you to see that you have had to extricate yourself from many situations. In doing so, your main concern was for My Mission and not the opinion of others. All things have worked together for the greater good, as I have upheld you in My grace. Thus have I worked in your heart and continue to do so.”

“You must not be concerned for the spiritual well-being of this Refuge in the future. The needs of each one coming are known to Me. Their spiritual well-being is in My Heart. When the hour has arrived, priests will come. I will show you this on December 12th, as priests will be available for confession. I am extending an invitation to every priest to make himself available to Me on that day. They will be edified and rewarded. You will please make this known.”