July 12, 1996
Monthly Message to All Nations
Jesus Christ and Blessed Virgin Mary

The following message was given in two parts due to its length. The two parts are interspersed. Jesus and Blessed Mother are both here. Their hearts are exposed.

Our Lady says: “Praise be to Jesus. Please pray with Us for those who oppose life.” We prayed.

I (Maureen) told Blessed Mother that there are many people here who would like to be healed and that they have many needs — physical, spiritual, and emotional.

She says: “Some will need to wait; others will find grace in this present moment. Still others are members of My army of victim souls. Let us pray together for all of these.” We prayed.

“Dear child, please take down My words in praise of Jesus. I come to speak to all nations — all people. Today, in your country, a horrendous sin, that of partial birth abortion, is being considered as a viable law. Not only is this worse than Herod's slaughter of the innocents, it is a precedent for other nations to follow suit.”

“My army of consecrated souls must be the voice crying in the desert. As children of Mary, you must make your voices heard above the din of complacent consciences. Satan could not have attempted such a blatant, godless law 10 years ago. But today, because righteousness lies dormant in hearts, his actions go almost unnoticed. ”

“Dear children, it is up to you to be My voice in the world. Bring the Ten Commandments alive again. They have not changed. Speak up for My Holy Love message. You must be My message in the world. We are outnumbered, and so you must pray for strength. My grace is your strength. My Heart will achieve victory in and through you. When you pursue My goals, My blessing is upon you.”

Jesus says: “I desire that families venerate the picture of Our United Hearts, for in this is the grace to remain united and to become holy. Marriages that are thus consecrated to Our United Hearts will not dissolve. I am giving the grace today that souls will be moved in this direction. We will now give the people here The Blessing of Our United Hearts.” They bless us and leave.