July 10, 1998
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in pale pink and gray. She says: “I come in praise of Jesus, My Lord, My God.”

“My angel, I have come to remind you that I am drawing all people and all nations to this prayer site. I do not invite My children to just any farm or converted soybean field but to the site of My predilection. It is by the hand of grace My favor will rest upon those who respond to My invitation.”

“Before My Son returns, each soul will be made to know his state before God. Many await anxiously this hour of enlightenment. But, My dear children, you do not need to wait. Come to My site of favor. Step onto the property. Taste of My Spring. Your consciences will be laid bare before you. All that impedes your journey of Holy Love will be shown you.”

“This is a favor, given with such force and strength at this site: it remains unprecedented elsewhere. You may travel and search for such grace; but it is here, now. I invite confessors to come and restore souls to the state of grace. Earth, indeed, finds herself in a precarious position before the Hand of Justice. If we work together, we can reverse some of what lies ahead. Just as your prayers, My angel, mitigated certain disasters. I am with you, and I am blessing you.”