September 7, 1998
Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Grace.

She says: “Praise be to Jesus. My angel, I have come to affirm My Mission in you, which is to prepare hearts for My Son's return. All sinners need to realize their shortcomings before God. Self-knowledge is a precious grace which will be given if asked for. Obstacles on the path to holiness are always rooted in self love. It is because My message of Holy Love opposes self love so vehemently that we are opposed. Even the greatest enemy of Holy Love will be convicted of his error if he comes to the property; for at this site, self-knowledge is freely given. The same grace is given to those who pray with a sincere heart. It is a grace vital to every conversion. Remember, the term ‘sinner' means everyone. Do not think about the error in your neighbor's heart, but pray to be shown your own. I am blessing you.”