September 9, 1998
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Our lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus. My daughter, today many are deceived in thinking I come to frighten people into a conversion. Let it be made known: I come to unite all people and all nations in Holy Love. It is only in this way, the world can be reconciled with its Creator. Each heart affects the whole world. Each heart needs to choose in every present moment between good or evil. With God there is no half measure. If you choose holiness with a sincere heart you will not be denied it.”

“These days recognize that Satan means to carry you away with many concerns, confusion, and complacency. The more you choose to live in Holy Love, the more holy you will become. The greatest portion will not be denied you. Your prayers and sacrifices are as powerful as the love that is in your heart as you offer them.”

“My formula for world peace at first glance seems simple. In practice, it is difficult, for it carries you away from the conflict of worldly values and makes certain your choice in each present moment. Today, as always, I bless you with a Mother's love.”

She returns as Refuge of Holy Love.

“Praise be to Jesus. My daughter, I hold no secret plan in My heart for your physical well-being in difficult times ahead. I have shared all with you. The formula is Holy Love in the present moment. If you have this, you have all. Then, times and dates of specific events are no longer important to you, for you are prepared. I am blessing you.”