September 28, 1998
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in bluish gray and white. She is holding a big mixing bowl.

She says: “Praise, honor, and glory to Jesus. My daughter, perhaps this is a bit simplistic, but I wish to compare prayer to the baking of a cake – a task I have watched you perform often.”

“The bowl is Holy Love, for without the bowl nothing comes together to form the final product (the cake). The batter is the words of the prayer. It has many ingredients (many words that make up the whole). The batter is placed in a pan. The pan represents prayer intentions such as, petition, thanksgiving, praise, etc. The cake is baked in an oven, which represents the action of the Holy Spirit in the heart as you pray. The final product, the cake, is the prayer the angels take into Heaven for you. While this process of prayer is going on, there are many, many ways the universe is affected. Satan sends his cohorts to attack the person at prayer. (He wants to make the cake fall, the prayer less effective.) The good angels are waging war with the evil spirits trying to allow the prayer to rise to Heaven. Meanwhile, in Heaven, the frosting, or grace, is being prepared for every prayer being offered. Even a cupcake is frosted. Therefore, see even the smallest ejaculatory prayer merits grace.”

“I am always with you when you pray. I measure your breath, watch your lips as they pronounce each word, and call you into the presence of God. It is so with each soul. If you forget an ingredient, I add it. I love to flavor your prayers with My love. Therefore, see that you cannot fail in this endeavor, for I am blessing you, I am baking the cake with you.”

She smiles and leaves.