June 12, 1998
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus extends His Hands out over the people here and is praying for their needs.

Jesus says: “My brothers and sisters, put the household of your hearts in order with the broom of Holy Love; for when I return and reign over My Kingdom, which is to come, those who will be seated at My feet are those consecrated to My Mother's Heart through the Flame of Holy Love. They will be living in the Divine Will of My Father.”

Our Lady says: “My children, I have come to help you understand the mystery of My coming to you. I call all people, all nations into My Immaculate Heart. Because My Heart is one with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, those who respond are thus in the Refuge of the United Hearts.”

“What few realize is that the way into Our Hearts is the pursuit of holiness through self-examination of conscience. This is the way of perfection, the way to Divine Mercy and Divine Love. Those who are unwilling to search out their own faults, and to be perfected through Holy Love, will be found unworthy.”

“Once again, all that trips you up is self love. You must avoid thinking of how everything affects you. Think of others. Self love leads to many crimes and atrocities, too many to enumerate, which offend the Heart of My Son and His Mother.”

“Do not lay any obstacle between us, not your desires, your likes, or your dislikes. As little children, approach Me; and I will take you into the Heart of My Son. This is how you are called to live, as one with Our United Hearts in the New Jerusalem. Thus, will My Son come to reign over His Kingdom.”

“Clothed in the majesty of Divine Mercy and Love, He will mount His throne and take dominion over all people and all nations. All the choirs of angels shall adore Him and await His bidding on that terrible and beautiful day.”

The United Hearts Blessing is given.