June 19, 1998
Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Jesus Christ

Jesus comes with His Heart exposed. “Concern yourself not with the affairs of the world. Give them to Me. The Holy Love message is a battle cry against sin. Therefore, allow Me to open the door to enlightenment.”

“Everything proud is in opposition to humility and, therefore, Holy Love. Think of Holy Love as your own personal holiness. No one is holy who opposes Holy Love. No one can claim humility outside of Holy Love. Perhaps the soul is ignorant of this message but still pursues holiness through a life of Holy Love. This is how I lay claim to souls – by the measure of love in their hearts.”

“This response to Holy Love obliterates love of self. Self is forgotten. Then I am permitted to fill up the heart Myself. The heart that is truly emptied of self is Mine. As I am then part of this heart I have claimed as My Own, I am able to direct and guide it according to My desires. Thus, will the heart become one with the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Each soul is dependent upon Me, upon My Mercy. Most do not realize it because they pursue happiness and security through themselves. When I return, all My children – all My sheep – will recognize their Shepherd, and I will take dominion over every heart. In this way, My victory will be a victory of Holy and Divine Love.”

“I have chosen you to make this known.”