January 3, 1999
Jesus Christ

Jesus appears. He says: “I come to you, Jesus, born Incarnate. Child, today I have come to help you along the journey into My Sacred Heart. Your journey begins and ends in the United Hearts. Understand the fullness of this revelation, for it is here you are drawn. The first step in entering the abode of My Sacred Heart is Holy Love. As well, the last step is Holy Love. My Mother's Heart is Holy Love. The Immaculate Heart is wholly and perfectly united to the Sacred Heart of your Jesus, both spiritually and emotionally. The Two are inseparable. Thus, you can see that the deeper you journey into Holy Love, My Mother's Heart, the deeper you come in My Sacred Heart as well.”

“Today, I invite you to imitate Me. My Heart is the apex of every virtue. Go deeper into the virtues through your will. This way you cooperate with the Divine Will of God. The Will of God is embodied in My Sacred Heart. It is embodied and indeed enthroned in the United Hearts.”

“I understand your lack of background in all areas of theology. I did not come to you today because you are a theologian. But, in all I say to you, you will find verification through your spiritual advisor.”

“Allow Me to continue. Because My Heart is perfectly united to the Heart of My Blessed Mother, both spiritually and emotionally, it bears out that My Mother is Co-Redemptrix.”

“You need to surrender to Me your reputation, child. What I am relating to you is controversial until it is proclaimed.” He goes on. “As We are one in the United Hearts, My Mother suffered with Me. Spiritually, She felt abandoned and desolated as I took on the sins of mankind. Emotionally, She grieved for Her loss and separation from Me. She was able to endure through grace. Thus, I come to proclaim to you, the United Hearts are your Refuge in adversity.”

“Pray for confidence – trust – in all I ask of you. But most of all, trust in this eternal, unalterable Refuge of Our United Hearts. Always, always, I am with you. Make this journey into Divine Love. I am traveling with you.”

He leaves.