January 15, 1999
Jesus Christ

“Today's lesson is on meekness. I am Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Child, as humility goes hand in hand with love, so meekness is the sister virtue of humility. One can hardly be present, and is present only imperfectly, without the other. Meekness lets the soul attain loftiness. Love is patient and kind. Love is slow to anger. These are all fruits of meekness. Humility of heart allows the virtue of meekness to flower, for it is through humility the soul puts himself last and all others first.”

“It is meekness that allows you to be mild in the face of anger – patient in the midst of adversity. Like all virtues, it needs to be in the heart and not superficial. The meek soul treats all people the same – friend and foe alike. The meek soul has his heart in Heaven while on earth. Thus he quickly mounts to perfection.”

“Practice meekness. Pray for it. I will adorn your efforts with My Grace.”