January 16, 1999
Jesus Christ

Jesus comes, His Heart exposed. He says: “I am Jesus, the Word Incarnate. I have come to help you realize the importance of a virtuous life. It is through the virtues you come into Holy Love – the Immaculate Heart. It is through a deepening of the virtues you come into My Heart – Divine Love.”

“Understanding the virtues helps you to see where you are failing in them. The virtuous soul is at peace. If Satan tries to attack such a one, peace is regained quickly. The virtuous soul knows himself. He knows his weaknesses and he tries sincerely to overcome them. Virtue and holiness go hand in hand. The one truly advancing in holiness does not present himself as one who must be accommodated and placated. Rather, he is the loving servant of all. He never flaunts his spirituality nor aspires for recognition, but is content to remain in the background. Thus hidden, he does not set himself up as judge of others, but works on the virtues in his own life.”

“I help those who call upon Me. I am inviting each one into My Divine Love. Come to Me.”