May 21, 1998
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Light. “I am here, My daughter.

Do you see Me? Do not fear; I come in praise of Jesus, My Son.”

“You are calculating what you will say to these people . It is good you have notes; but trust, as well, all I have entrusted to your heart.”

“Those that seek only to satisfy themselves in the world will be lacking in the next and may fall short of the promise of salvation. My Son taught you self-effacement by example when He lived amongst you. You cannot follow Him on a path contrary to the one he walked Himself.”

“Untold treasure awaits the one who seeks holiness through Holy Love. No one enters the Kingdom who does not love God above all else; and his neighbor as himself. These laws cannot be compromised.”

“You will please make this known.”