April 5, 1995
Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Fatima. She is bending over me and Her Heart is exposed. She says: “My daughter, let us give praise and thanks to Jesus. Today, I come to remind you once again to have every confidence in the grace of My Immaculate Heart. It is Satan who tries to make you lose focus and makes everything seem most desperate. My Victory is coming and with it the glorious reign of My Son's Eucharistic Heart on Earth. It is then ideologies will be harmonious, faith will be pure and unadulterated once again, and people will be united in truth and peace. These days preceding the hideous reign of the Antichrist – both in hearts and in the world – Satan uses division as a tactic to bring down the good and uphold evil. This is why I continue to call you to reconcile yourselves in the safe Refuge of My Heart. There is no other attainable goal of merit, for no good lives outside My Heart.”