May 31, 1995
Blessed Virgin Mary

11:45 PM
Our Lady came in white with a large pink rosary She held as I prayed. The beads seemed to float through Her fingers. An angel held one end of the rosary. She said: “So it is I come again, My unworthy and humble servant, to offer and give praise to Jesus. You have not began to understand in your heart the depth of My words to you earlier at the spring (see previous message). You doubt, and it is no longer the hour of doubt. Heaven does not fulfill prophecy or extend provision by half measure. Know for certain, water that is given as a means of grace is not restricted, but given the fullness of grace God so intends and wills. The graces given at Maranatha on both properties are extraordinary and comparable to My greatest shrines and sites of apparition. Once the path lies unrestricted to My new property, you will begin to see the full extent of My call.”

“Further, I tell you, in your personal life, do not let money issues be a distraction. Buying and selling will soon be obsolete. It will be those who have access to the rudiments of life who will fare the best. It will come to pass,” She pauses, “in this Season of Tribulation. Once you were a child and could not bear all I am telling you. Now I speak to one spiritually mature. Love even My call to you. I am leaving you now, to be with you later.”