June 15, 1995
Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady was in the Chapel when I arrived. She was dressed like Our Lady of Grace, but She had many roses around Her. She said: “I come to offer praise and thanksgiving to Jesus, My Son. My daughter, today I ask once again, that My children consent to Holy Love, which is My call to them. This is a universal call and does not differ from one of My apparition sites to another. It is the heart of My message to the world and My final invitation. Jesus calls souls into the Flame of My Heart to be purified and perfected in holiness. He asks that once a soul surrenders to this Flame of Love that they no longer seek external graces here, there and everywhere. My Son desires that souls find the kingdom of God within their own hearts and pray for the interior grace they need to become more holy. All will be given that is needed for each soul to reach perfection. See then, these exterior graces are only My continued invitation to Holy Love. But Holy Love is living in your hearts, and seeking your perfection in holiness. I give you this example: A soul comes to My Son in adoration and receives many consolations during adoration. Instead of returning there often, he looks for another Chapel of adoration hoping to find even more grace. Such a soul could easily lose his way because he does not look within himself but looks outside himself seeking perfection, seeking more exterior grace. I desire salvation for each one of My children. I ask they seek not so much further signs and wonders, but to look at the heart of My message everywhere, there they will find the fullness of their search – Holy Love. Make it known.”