June 26, 1995
Our Lady of Fatima

1:00 AM
Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Fatima. She says: “Praise and glory to Jesus. My daughter, please understand, it is not for the sake of a few or many I come to you, but for all people. Everyone is called to holiness through Holy Love. The grace and love of My Heart is never depleted, only time is depleted for those who do not listen and will not love. To the family I continue My call to be united in Holy Love. Jesus desires family values be substantiated in hearts according to Holy Love. Families that fail to unite in My Heart disintegrate, for this is how Satan attacks sound reason. The Evil One opposes family unity, but through My grace you will remain united. I am returning to you soon on this My chosen ‘Feast of Queen of Peace'. Spread My peace amongst you by loving as I so very much love you.” She leaves.