September 14, 1995
Thursday Night Rosary Service
Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Grace. She says: “I come in praise of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“My daughter, once again, I invite you to make known My desire that a lay apostolate begin to form under the umbrella of Holy Love Ministries. This apostolate will be known as the ‘Missionary Servants of Holy Love'”.

“Jesus is asking for this apostolate in these end times to renew and restore souls to love. Your mission field is: the lukewarm, the unbelievers, and spiritually impoverished. It will be an apostolate given over to prayer, sacrifice, and Evangelization of My Holy Love message. Through these means, and by your lives, you will make known the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart (which is Holy Love) as the ark and spiritual Refuge of these times. It is the same call I gave to the seers at Fatima. Do not suppose My Grace is not with you, for it is only through this graciousness of My Heart you shall succeed.”

“Make it known.”