November 25, 1995
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in white. She says: “Today, I come as always, for the greater glory of Jesus and to reconcile man to God. I reveal to you that the strength of the remnant church will be Holy Love. It is the lack of love in hearts that has brought confusion and compromise into hearts and the Church. Please understand, I do not come to threaten you, but to warn. A famine and a plague worse than any that has come in the past is visiting earth. It is a famine of faith and a plague of lack of love in hearts. My Son is sending Me all over the world with this same Message of Holy Love, which is the remedy and the solution of earth's woes. Do not suppose that because I come the problem is solved. Hearts need to change so that lives change, and then the problem will disappear. I hold the Church in My Heart. Evil shall not prevail. But the faith of many is compromised by Satan's confusion and conflict. Through Holy Love, I am gathering the Remnant Faithful into My Heart. This Remnant of Holy Love is the legacy I will bequeath to generations to come. It is the true and everlasting path of perfection. Holy Love is My legacy of victory and triumph over evil. Please make it known.”