October 8, 1998
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be Jesus. My angel, I have come to help you understand Satan's influence and attacks on this mission. The Evil One uses the natural world, and the people devoted to the world, to come against the profound spirituality of the Holy Love message. He uses people in high places to level false accusations against My mission. He spreads negative rumors concerning you as My messenger. He manipulates hearts to oppose Me. He discourages financial support to weaken the mission in this way.”

“Through all of this, understand that My grace is stronger than his best effort. We will not fail, but will succeed in mustering strength from the least to the greatest. The property is not all Mine, but I share it with My children. We have been fortunate in the progression of events which came together to make this possible. When you say ‘yes' to Me, I do not forget, and in your weakest moment I am with you.”

“I call upon every heart to assist Me in this great worldwide mission. Be My Heart, My hands, My feet in this world. Most certainly, I will bless you.”