December 5, 1995
Blessed Virgin Mary

From Our Lady
“Dear child, it is when you are at the foot of the Cross that your prayers are most efficacious, for it is at the foot of the Cross I am closest to you. Here I invite you to renew your Consecration to My Immaculate Heart. Here, on Calvary, I am joining together My humble and powerful army of little victim souls. This army of My littlest and least will defeat Satan and usher in the Reign of My Immaculate Heart. My army of victims is a contradiction to the worldly wise, who seek proof and glory in their own right. See that it is in contradicting Satan that My Victory will come. And so, by your smallest efforts, make My Joy and My Victory complete. At the Foot of the Cross, I choose by God's Will, to place the courage of conviction in the hearts of My victim warriors, My victim apostles. It is beneath My Son's Gaze I place My Motherly Blessing in each heart that loves. At the foot of the Cross, I invite you to be victims of love, just as Jesus was for you. Understand, that My Son is the Eternal Victim of Love in every tabernacle where He is worshipped and adored; in every tabernacle where there is faith; in every tabernacle of the world. I am uniting My prayers to your own. I am loving you into eternity.”