December 31, 1995
New Years Eve
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in white, standing below Her picture in My bedroom. She says: “My daughter, I come in praise of Jesus, born Incarnate. I have prepared this day for you, just as, according to Divine Will, I am preparing the year in time that opens before you. I do not come to proffer predictions, but to open My Heart to you and to the world. The year ahead will see the mission I have given you prosper, both in the world, and more importantly, in hearts. This will pose a threat to some and they will set about trying to oppose us, but their attempts will prove futile. Once again, My grace will triumph. In the world the abyss between God and man will continue to widen. (Blessed Mother is crying now.) I encourage you to pray for the godless. Never assume you have prayed enough. God will honor your feeblest attempts. Choices will be made against tradition which will further compromise the faith of many in certain and specific areas. Well-guarded will be the faith of those close to Me. Tumult and peace will vie for hearts and for a place in the world. Every heart will be challenged. My grace will continue to pour from My Immaculate Heart onto earth. Many signs and wonders will result — challenging unbelievers and convicting hearts. The Rosary will overcome certain sin. This is why ones devoted to the Rosary will be persecuted. All of this is a good sign. Persecution shows Satan's hand of fear. I am with you and, as always, I direct you to My Son's Eucharistic Heart. Let Him take up reign in your hearts as Prince of Peace in the present moment, and so, in the year to come. With joy I am blessing you with My Motherly Blessing.”