January 25, 1996
Weekly Rosary Service
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I come in praise of Jesus. Dear children, pray with Me tonight for the development of My prayer center.” We prayed.

“Dear children, tonight I come to you seeking your total consecration to My Immaculate Heart. Empty yourselves of all sins, of every virtue, and of past and future efforts towards sanctity. Thus divested, I will fill you with My Holy Love and lead you along the path of sanctity. Dear children, I am blessing you.”

The following explanation of the January 25th message was given by Our Lady on January 26, 1996:

“I desire that My children surrender everything to Me, the good and the bad — the exterior and the interior — all their meritorious acts and good works — even their personal holiness. If a soul is not hanging onto to anything, but has given all things over to the Heart of his Mother, he is then ready to be filled with My Holy Love. I will use what he has given Me towards the sanctity of others and for his own advancement along the path of Holy Love. All this in praise of Jesus.”