February 10, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in gray with a crown on Her head. She says: “My daughter, it is time to make it known, that the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary are the New Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, Holy and Divine Love. I come to you to bring souls into this Kingdom. Everything that lies outside of Our Hearts is passing and temporary. Holy Love is the key by which you gain entrance and through which you are newly created. Holy Love is the path. Divine Love is the destination.”

“Our Hearts cannot be separated. They beat as one. The devotion to Our United Hearts must be the oil in your lamps as you await My Son's Return. Then you will be prepared and Satan will not be able to pull you away from Me.”

“The time is fast approaching, when that which is outside of the United Hearts will be laid waste. Satan is conspiring in certain hearts to destroy peace. Cling fast to the present day Manna of the Eucharist. Do not be swayed by free thinking, for today, the guise of Satan is free conscience — free choice.”

“Just as I am united to My Son, so I desire that My children be united to Our Sacred Hearts. I desire souls seek their perfection through Our Hearts, in the Mission I have come to give you. In praise of Jesus, souls need to be consecrated to the United Hearts. I will return with such a prayer in the near future.”*

* The ‘Consecration to the United Hearts' was later given in a private Message by Blessed Mother:


“Most Worthy, United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I willingly consecrate myself this day to You. I surrender to You all I own, both interior and exterior. Let my life be a continual hymn of praise to Your Most Holy United Hearts. Take the victories and defeats of this moment into Your Hearts. Use them, as You need them, to bring about Your triumphant reign. Amen.” (Blessed Mother – 1996)